Hollah Back Program
  Nu Thought Media, Inc. is committed to seeing that our community not  
  only benefits from our services, but also benefits from our success.  
Through our Hollah Back Program, we donate money to non-profit

 February 10, 2004
Nu Thought Media, Inc. Donates Money to Help D.C.'s
 Children Eat Breakfast

 Nu Thought Media has donated $300 to the Marshall Eddie Conway
 Children's Breakfast program located in Northwest  Washington DC.
 The program is named after Black Panther Marshall Conway, and   
 fashioned after the Black  Panther's breakfast program.  Seven
 days a week neighborhood children stream in for a free hot
 breakfast and to hear speakers from the community. With the help of 
 donations and volunteers, the program strengthens the minds and
 bodies or our youth.  Call  the breakfast program today to see how
 you can help by speaking, volunteering or making donations at
 (202) 332-4480. Click here to visit them online.

 October 12, 2003

Nu Thought Media, Inc. Donates Money to Help LA Child
 Care Center

 Nu Thought Media has donated $300 to Little Citizen's Childcare
 Group in Pomona, Ca. Little Citizens provides affordable childcare for 
 ADD (Attention  Deficit  Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit
 Hypertension Disorder),  Autistic Disorder, and children with severe 
 emotional problems. Most of their children come from low socio-
 economic backgrounds, foster homes, and single parent homes.
 As state budget cuts ensue, childcare assistance recipients are being
 terminated, resulting in more latch key kids or loss of employment
 due to unaffordable childcare.  With the help of donations, Little Citizens
 is able to provide special rates to assist families with their needs.
 Call Little Citizen's at (909) 398-4115.

 July 16, 2003
Nu Thought Media, Inc. Donates Money to Help Chicago's
 Homeless Youth

 Nu Thought Media has donated $150 to Chicago Coalition For The
 Homeless (CCH). CCH
organizes and advocates to prevent and end  
 homelessness.  Over the course of a year, approximately 26,000
 youth in Illinois experience homelessness. Available housing
 resources for homeless youth do not come close to meeting the
 need for these services. A CCH survey found that 42 percent of youth  
 seeking shelter from state-funded programs for homeless youth were 
 turned away in 2000 because of a lack of resources.
Visit CCH
 online at chicagohomeless.org.


May 29, 2003
Nu Thought Media, Inc. Donates Money to Serve San Francisco's
 Homeless Children

 Nu Thought Media has donated $150 to San Francisco based Raphael
 House. Established in 1971, Raphael House became the first shelter in  
 San Francisco for homeless families.  Overall, single mothers head 89  
 percent of Raphael House families, and 64 percent of their clients are
children.  Visit Raphael House online at raphaelhouse.org.

 March 25
, 2003 
 Nu Thought Media, Inc. Donates Money to Feed Houston

Nu Thought Media has donated $150 to Houston Texas  based Kid-
 Care, Inc. 
Kid-Care  is recognized as the first meals on wheels in the       
 nation specifically for children. Since its inception, this nationally 
 recognized program has provided over 1 million meals to children in
 the Houston area. Currently Kid-Care provides over 24,000 meals 
 a month to children in poverty in Houston. But, many more are still going 
 hungry.  Visit Kid-Care online at kid-care.org


January 16, 2003 
 Nu Thought Media, Inc. Donates Money to Help Get Our Children
 Off New York Streets

Nu Thought Media has donated $150 to New York City based Safe  
 Horizon's Streetworks Project. 
Streetworks counselors reach  
 out to homeless and runaway youths on the streets of Times Square 
 and  urge them to come to the  drop-in center, where they can take a 
 shower, get counseling, a meal, and a change of clothes. Staff run 
 support groups on AIDS, drug abuse, teenage parenting, job hunting, 
 and gay and lesbian issues.

  November 20, 2002 
  Nu Thought Media, Inc. Donates Money to the Cleveland  

Nu Thought Media has donated $150 to the Cleveland Foodbank 
  through its Hollah Back Program.  The Foodbank supplies a majority 
  of the food used in local soup kitchens, shelters, and food pantries. 
  Each dollar donated equals four meals for hungry men, women and  
  children in Northeast Ohio.

  The Hollah Back Program, launched with Hollah.com Version
2.0, is  
  already making an impact after only one month in operation. 

  Much respect  to all Hollah.com Members for making a  difference!!!


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