Hollah.com - Always Improving!
The Hollah Team continues to pioneer the digital messaging space
with innovative and original features. Hollah Remix is the latest innovation that enables Hollah members to put the brand new flavor in your ear!

What is Hollah Remix?
Hollah members may upload image and sound files to use in
e-hollahs and soulvites. The uploaded files are available in all
e-hollah and soulvite categories whenever the member signs-in
and can be mixed with existing e-hollah and soulvite content.
The files are only visible to the uploading member.

How do I upload a file?
First, sign-in. An upload images link, and an upload sound link will
appear in the left column of the homepage. Select upload images
to upload images, and upload sound to upload sound. Then type in
the name and location of the file on your hard drive, floppy disc or
CD. You may also use the browse feature to locate the file. 
Press upload. 

What types of files may I upload?
Image files must be in .gif or .jpeg format. Sound files must be .wav
or .mid formats.

Are there file size limits?
Yes, the file size limit for image files is 100K. The file size limit for
sound files is 50K.

How do I use Hollah Remix files?
All uploaded files are available as selections in all the e-hollah and
soulvite categories. Select them just as you would any other e-hollah
or soulvite image or sound file.

Are my Hollah Remix files publicly viewable for selection?
No. The files are viewable for selection by the uploading member, and
only upon sign-in. The recipients are able to view the image only in the
completed e-hollah or soulvites.

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