Hollah.com - Always Improving!
The Hollah Team continues to make waves in the digital messaging 
space through leading edge technology.  Image Wraps enables 
Hollah members to wrap their images in sound and animation for a 
totally new way to Hollah at your people!

What are Image Wraps?
Hollah members may upload image files into pre-designed animated
templates for an added funky, interactive and personalized touch.
The files are only visible to the uploading member and the recipients.
Unlike Hollah Remix, the uploaded image is not saved for mixing with 
all e-hollah and soulvites, but only usable in the provided templates. 
This enables members to upload and wrap up to ten different images 
at any given time!

How do I upload a file?
First, sign-in. A wrap images link will appear in the left column 
of the homepage. Select an image wrap template and enter your 
sending information. Then type in the name and location of the 
image file on your hard drive, floppy disc or CD. You may also use 
the browse feature to locate the file. Press upload and send. 

What types of files may I upload?
Image files must be in .gif or .jpeg format. 

Are there file size limits?
Yes, the file size limit for image files is 100K. 

How do I use Image Wrap files?
All uploaded files are available for use in pre-designed templates only.
Members upload an image each time they send a new Image Wrap. 

Are my Image Wraps files publicly viewable?
No. The files are viewable for selection by the uploading member, and
the recipient.

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