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  This is the Hollah help desk.  You may choose a topic in the left column for specific   
  questions or you can review general FAQs (frequently asked questions) below. If you   
  still have questions, enter them here.

Do I have to be a member to use
Membership is not required for Hollah email or for categories marked FREE.

NLIMITED access to the E-hollah and Soulvite Service is available exclusively
to Hollah Version 2.0 Members through an annual subscription of $11.95.
Through our Hollah Back Program, $1 of each membership purchase is donated to a 
participating non-profit organization.  For your convenience, you can register for membership online or by mail or fax

Why is there a membership fee?
Click here for full answer. 

How soon can I use the services after purchase?
Memberships purchased online by credit or debit card are activated within minutes of purchase. You will receive a membership email with your temporary password and sign-in instructions.  If you do not receive your password within 15 minutes, please go to the Hollah sign-in page and select Send My Password.

Memberships purchased by fax, check or money order will be activated upon receipt of payment. You can make check or money order payable to Nu Thought Media, Inc. and mail along with order form to: 
Nu Thought Media, Inc.
4426 Brooks Road
Cleveland, OH 44105

How do I send an e-hollah or soulvite?

  1. First choose the type of e-hollah or soulvite you want to send from the categoroes listed, such as anniversary.

  2. Next select an image that you like along with a heading that will appear above the image.

  3. Then select a verse that you like, if applicable.

  4. Finally type in a personal message and the email address information, then click continue. A full preview of your e-hollah or soulvite will appear.

  5. Now you can click "send" and have your e-hollah or soulvite sent immediately. E-hollahs are usually delivered at the "speed of email." You may use the delayed send option to have it delivered at a future date of your choice.

During peak periods, e-hollahs may take hours to be processed and sent. 

What is Hollah Up?
Hollah members may upload image and sound files to use in e-hollahs and soulvites.
The uploaded files are available in all e-hollah and soulvite categories whenever the member signs-in. The files are only visible to the uploading member.

How do I upload a file?
First, sign-in. An upload images link, and an upload sound link will appear in the left column of the homepage. Select upload images to upload images, and upload sound 
to upload sound. Then type in the name and location of the file on your hard drive,
floppy disc or CD. You may also use the browse feature to locate the file. 
Press upload. 

What types of files may I upload?
Image files must be in .gif or .jpeg format. Sound files must be .wav or .mid formats.

Are there file size limits?
Yes, the file size limit for image files is 100K. The file size limit for sound files is 50K.

How do I use Hollah Up files?
All uploaded files are available as selections in all the e-hollah and soulvite categories. Select them just as you would any other e-hollah or soulvite image or sound file.

Are my Hollah Up files publicly viewable for selection?
No. The files are viewable for selection by the uploading member, and only upon 
sign-in. The recipients are able to view the image only in the completed e-hollah 
or soulvites.

How do I view my e-hollah or soulvite?
When somebody sends you an e-hollah or soulvite, you will receive an email notifying you of this fact. The email will contain a Web address (URL) that you can click on and, on most email programs, be taken to your Web browser and e-hollah. In some cases, you'll need to copy and paste the entire Web address into your Web browser. Your e-hollah or soulvite will be accessible at that Web address for 20 days.

How do I view animation?
You will need the latest version of
Shockwave or Flash (free download)
A button under your e-hollah postcard will tell you which; it will either say
Get Shockwave or Get Flash. All you have to do is click on that button and follow the simple directions. It's that easy. If you have problems, check out Viewing Animations.

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What are e-hollahs and soulvites? is
all about expressing yourself and sharing thoughts with your friends and family. E-hollahs are electronic greeting cards that enable you to keep in touch with friends and family.  Soulvites are electronic invitations with RSVP service, that enable you to organize gatherings online.  You create the e-hollahs and soulvites by selecting images, words and music that fit the occasion. We notify the recipient, and generate the web page where the recipient can view the e-hollah or soulvite.

Soulvite Highlights
Senders can:
Invite multiple people
Invite additional guests to previously created soulvite
Re-send previous soulvites
Modify and re-send previous soulvites
Receive e-mail confirmation that soulvite was received
View invitee's RSVPs in real time
Create "wish list" of items that invitees should bring
View "wish list" results in real time

Recipients can:
RSVP for themselves and any guests
View "wish list" results in real time
Indicate what items they will bring 

What are the differences between static hollahs and animated hollahs?
Some e-hollahs are static images, similar to a real-life card. These are typically viewable by  your standard browser. Viewing animated e-hollahs require either Shockwave or Flash players that you can easily download from our site. Just click on
Get Shockwave or Get Flash (free download)

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