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What is hollah?

Hollah is amplified expression - amplified in volume, meaning or both, to survive distances or to sig-ni-fy urgency. The purpose of is to funnel hollah energy online because, it is urgent that our expressions survive distances.

What is

  What we do is a multimedia messaging services featuring animation
  music and verses that speaks to the unique style and  humor of people 
  of color. We provide a fun and convenient way to deliver timely and 
  relevant messages to friends and family. 

   E-hollah and Soulvite Service's e-hollahs and soulvites provide a fun and convenient way to  
  keep in touch with loved ones, and organize gatherings online. 

  Colorful electronic greetings that reflect the unique style and humor of   
  people of color. E-hollahs integrate images, animations, verses and 
  music into messages that are timely and relevant to our audience. Over 
  thirty  occasions are covered ranging from Christmas and Kwanzaa to 
  birthdays, love /romance and encouragement.

  Electronic invitations with RSVP capability that enable our members to  
  organize gatherings online. Soulvites capture the occasion's mood with  
  imagery and music that speak to the sensibilities of our audience.   
  Numerous occasions are available including birthday parties, baby  
  showers and house warmings.

  Hollah ReMix
  Hollah members may upload  and mix image and sound into e-hollahs 
  and soulvites. The uploaded files are available in all e-hollah and 
  soulvite categories whenever the member signs-in. The files are only 
  visible to the uploading member.
Click here for details.

  My Hollah Command Center 

  My Hollah saves your e-hollahs and soulvites for re-sending or 
  modification or cancellation, provides an email address book for use 
  with e-hollahs and soulvites, and features a reminder service that 
  enables you to schedule e-mail reminders of important dates you input.

  Unlimited access to the E-hollah and Soulvite Service is available to 
  hollah members through an annual membership of $11.95.  Through 
  our Hollah Back Program, a portion of each membership purchase will  
  go to a participating  non-profit organization.  For your convenience, you 
  can register for membership online or by phone, mail or fax. 

   Why a membership fee?


  Hollah Back Program is committed to improving our community by practicing 
  self-determination and cooperative economics. Through our 
  Hollah Back Program, we make donations to non-profit programs
  that feed those in need.

  See recent donations by the Hollah Back Program. Hollah members
  are making a difference in the lives of those in our communities!

Nubonxy Hollah Strategic Alliance
  We have teamed up with Premier Internet service provider 
  and created a strategic alliance that provides all active 
  members full access to  FREE OF  CHARGE!!! Now our 
  members can take advantage of two great services - Dial up internet 
  access and multimedia messaging services at one great price!
  Click here for the announcement and details!  

Who are we?
  Our business history

Conceived in October of 1999, on the simple principles of self-determination and 
  cooperative economics, Nu Thought Media, Inc. was formed in Boca Raton, Florida. 
  We are now headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Our flagship internet property,, beta launched in March of 2000. The site was officially launched in 
  September of 2001. Our mission is to provide effective and cost efficient channels 
  through which our community can communicate and tell our story. 

Who is our online payment partner?
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  Cardservice processes every type of electronic payment method—credit, 
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  the LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway, the most secure payment gateway in 
  the industry. 

  Established in 1988, Cardservice International currently processes more 
  than $12 billion in annual credit card volume and more than 125 million 
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  First Data Corp., with global headquarters in Denver, helps power the global 
  economy. Serving more than 2.8 million merchant locations, 1,400 card issuers 
  and millions of consumers, First Data makes it easy, fast and secure for people 
  and businesses to buy goods and services, using virtually any form of payment. 

  For more information about Cardservice International visit
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