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Maximize event attendance, revenue and exposure with Hollah’s secure online credit card payment service. Hollah’s E-ticketing service enables your patrons to conveniently use their credit cards to purchase tickets or memberships, or make donations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Increase Revenue and Attendance. Expand your attendee pool to reach patrons who are unable to make cash or money order payments. Sell more tickets by being conveniently accessible 24 hours a day. Reduce no-shows, because your patrons pre-purchase their tickets.

Improve Cash Flow. Increase advance ticket sales by eliminating the patron’s need to “schedule and meet” your representatives to make purchases. 

Improve Check-In Process:  Lines move faster because the financial transaction has already been completed.

Low Cost. There is a $25 set-up fee to sell tickets through Hollah Box Office. The only costs to you on tickets sold through Hollah Box Office is the credit card transaction fee of 2.5% to offset Visa, Mastercard and American Express charges, which you would have to pay the credit card companies as the merchant if your were accepting the credit charges on your own.

Get To Know Your Customers. See exactly who your customers are, identify repeat customers, and stay in touch with them.

Easy-to-Use. You'll be selling tickets on your Web site through hyperlinks to hollah.com. With just one click, your customers go from browsing to buying.

Free Up Your Time. By using Hollah E-ticketing to automate your ticket sales, you will be able to spend more time promoting and producing your events. 

Manage Patron Relationship. More than a mere ticketing tool, Hollah E-ticketing enables you to integrate informative surveys into the registration/purchasing process. The invaluable demographic and geographic information collected, enables you to properly assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, as well as provide another channel to further your relationship with your audience following the event.

Reasonable Service fees for your patrons. Patrons pay a $1.50 per-order transaction fee, and a small convenience fee based on ticket price.

( Note: Organizer means you, or your company or organization.)

1. Hollah creates an event web page at URL address: www.hollah.com/yourevent, which includes event information with optional* animated/musical advertisement (see sample ads below). Event Organizer places link on Organizer’s homepage to www.hollah.com/yourevent, and includes the URL on Organizer's promotional materials.

2.  Patrons can RSVP and/or purchase E-tickets online at www.hollah.com/yourevent. No paper tickets are mailed to patron. The tickets are held at the door by the Organizer, under the name appearing on the credit card used to make the purchase. 

3. Patrons receive an email confirmation of their purchase. Patrons print the confirmation out for their records, but it is not required to gain entrance.

4. Organizer receives reports of RSVPs and ticket sales.

5. Patrons present photo ID and the credit card used to make the purchase to obtain tickets from Organizer.

6.  Hollah pays Organizer booking revenue collected, minus credit card processing fees.  Settlement is made monthly or following the event as determined by Organizer and Hollah.


Click here to view a FULL E-ticketing sample.  


Hollah Ads and RSVP Service

*The Lab @ Hollah.com is a leader in dynamic online advertising production.  View samples:  Sample One, Sample Two, Sample Three  Sample Four, Sample Five, Sample Six.  Our ads are competitively priced to meet any budget. Our standard ad package (Sample Seven) is an affordable flat rate of $29.95, while our customized ad packages are priced according to the number of  hours required to produce the ad.  Standard RSVP service is included in the price of ad. Customized patron surveys are also available. Hollah's online advertisement and RSVP tools can be used with or without the E-ticketing component.  Simply indicate which tools you require in the message section of the Profile Submission.


1. Event Organizer submits profile and event information for Hollah review.

2. Once approved, Organizer is forwarded a contract for reviewing and signing.

3. Organizer returns signed contract along with set-up fee, and any graphical or music content for their optional advertisement page. Online sales begin as determined by Organizer and Hollah.  

To submit profile and event information for approval click here.

To find out more about becoming a client, contact us at:

Please be sure to include information about your event and your phone number in the email.


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