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What is hollah?

Hollah is amplified expression - amplified in volume, meaning or both, to survive distances or to sig-ni-fy urgency. The purpose of hollah.com is to funnel hollah energy online because, it is urgent that our expressions survive distances.

While the world is growing smaller and our time is growing shorter our circle of family and friends is growing more d i s p e r s e d, and did I mention that "e-mail is the best way to reach me". Hollah.com integrates art, comedy, music and literary work into e-hollahs through which we can share some laughter, celebration, encouragement, and a bit of yourself with e-hollahs: unique shout outs for unique people.

What is hollah.com?

  What we do
  Hollah.com is a communication portal for the African Diaspora.   
  Hollah's communication and relationship management tools
  enable our users to keep up with family and friends in a fun and
  convenient way. Our greeting cards, and electronic greetings 
  and invitations speak to the unique style and humor of people of 
  color. Hollah also provides online ad and rsvp service and 
  e-ticketing tools,  which help businesses maximize customer   
  relationships and event  attendance. 
  Our business history

  Conceived in October of 1999, on the simple principles of    
  self-determination and cooperative economics, nu thought media, 
  Inc. was formed in Boca Raton, Florida. Our flagship internet   
  property, hollah.com, beta launched in March of 2000. The site 
  was officially launched in September of 2001. Our mission is to 
  provide effective and cost efficient channels through which our 
  community can communicate and tell our story.

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